Walk-in robes have become increasingly popular because they are the finest way to store your clothes and accessories. They allow you to be inspired by your neatly placed, easy to see clothing.

One of the main benefits of a walk-in wardrobe is functionality. The large variety of available storage solutions means that you can maximise your space, allowing you to store all of your apparel, bedding, and linen in the one place.

UZIT offers custom-designed, premium quality walk-in wardrobes for any bedroom. By spending time with you to understand your space, we provide practical storage solutions to suit any request.

You can design it as you wish, to fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Shoe storage is always an issue - UZIT can provide special drawers designed for their convenient storage. If you have lots of accessories, additional drawers, shelves or other add-ons can be fitted to neatly hold your ties, scarves, hats, or jewellery.

The amount of full or half hanging areas is specified by you, as well as how you would like to maximise the rest of the space.

To create continuity within the bedroom, UZIT can also colour match your wardrobe with your furniture, walls, or decor.

So whether you have space for an ‘L’ shaped, ‘U’ shaped, or straight walk-in wardrobe, UZIT has the interiors to suit your needs.

We work with your requirements to determine the best use of space for your walk-in wardrobe.  Contact us today for your free, in-home, measure and quote.