Which Kitchen Material is the Best Choice for Me?

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and improving your home with a new kitchen, a custom-built design from UZIT is a great choice, but there are still some choices to make.

With so many kitchen material options, which one will meet your needs perfectly?

Having all the facts going into your kitchen renovation will help you find the best design to suit your needs and style as well as get the most out the exciting design experience.

In this post we look at the options for your new custom kitchen, weighing up the pros and cons of each so you can decide with confidence which material is the best fit for you.

It is important to note that these days all materials are of high quality and extremely durable, supported by premium hardware supplied with the full range of materials.

Laminate Kitchens: Pros and Cons

Laminate is one of the most popular choices for kitchens. Some of the biggest advantages of using laminate include:

Cost-effective: Generally, laminate kitchens are less expensive than other options while still looking like the real deal. Not only do UZIT laminate kitchens look good, they last a very long time too – meaning you keep saving on maintenance and cleaning for years to come.

Easy to maintain: Because laminates are very easy to clean due to their tough exterior, you never have to worry about scratches and stains ruining your benchtops or kitchen cabinets.

Range of colour and texture: With digital printing technology there is a vast range of colours and prints available as laminates, they also come in a number of different textures including Matte, Gloss and Embossed Woodgrains.

If you decide to use laminate for kitchen benchtops, placing anything too hot on the surface may cause damage. This isn’t really an issue for cabinets, but you should also ensure that you remove any excessive water around the cabinets to avoid damage.

Painted 2 Pack Kitchens: Pros and Cons

Painted 2 Pack kitchens are constructed using a high-quality paint to finish off your kitchen cabinets. Some of the key benefits of using this material are:

A high-quality finish: Perhaps the biggest draw to this type of material is the sharp and smooth finish that it provides. Even intricate patterns are clearly visible and very precise.

Moisture resistance: The thickness of the cabinet doors, combined with the satin-like hardened paint, results in a kitchen that copes extremely well with moisture – perfect for a cooking environment.

Choices galore: Since the material is essentially a high-quality paint, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing your kitchen colours. UZIT offers a professional colour-matching service and will even create a personalised colour for you if requested.

Because it’s a premium quality material that we often customise for clients, Painted 2 Pack kitchens tend to have a slightly higher initial cost than other materials like laminate. However, its durability and hardiness means that you can save in the long run, especially if you’ve got a busy family home.

Foil-wrapped kitchens: Pros and Cons

Also known as gloss kitchens, UZIT foil-wrapped kitchens are a great way to upgrade your kitchen. Some advantages of this kitchen material include:

More versatility: A foil-wrapped kitchen is available in plain face or pattern face, as the material can be manipulated easily to cover any surface type. It’s perfect for uniquely-shaped kitchens that require more attention to detail.

Cost-effective: Similar to laminate, foil-wrapped kitchens are a great option for the budget-conscious renovator.

Available in various styles: Another advantage of this kitchen material is that it comes in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit your individual taste.

Foil-wrapped kitchens are not as heat resistant as other materials like painted 2 pack and laminate. Kitchen cabinets that are not designed properly with correct spacing and heat barriers may be damaged when exposed to excess heat.

Wood grain kitchens

A UZIT wood grain kitchen stands out for all the right reasons:

A timeless finish: With a wood grain kitchen, you can rest assured that your kitchen will never go out of style. It’s the perfect way to permanently enhance your home.

Wide range of timber options – A UZIT wood grain kitchen lets you choose the perfect timber grain that suits your style and matches the rest of your décor.

An easier alternative: Nowadays it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a timber effect and the real thing. The important difference is that a UZIT wood grain kitchen is much less susceptible to damage and much easier to maintain than natural timber.

The biggest drawback of a wood grain kitchen? For some people, nothing but the genuine article will do. You might be the only person who can tell your kitchen isn’t real timber, but you should weigh this up with the cost-effectiveness and easiness of imitation timber against the real thing if you’re considering the wood look.


So there you have it! A detailed list of what to expect from each kitchen material.

If you’re still undecided, you can always choose a UZIT custom kitchen instead, where you can mix and match your favourite materials and colours.

All our kitchens begin with a free in-home measure and quote. Contact us today about designing your new kitchen.