How to Choose Your Wardrobe Doors

Built in wardrobes are a great addition to any room. They’re an efficient, well-organised storage solution that is easy to access and even improves the overall look of your space – especially when it’s much easier to stay tidy!

When you choose a custom-built in wardrobe from UZIT, our designers work closely with you to create the perfect robe to suit your style, space and storage needs. Our unique process means that you get full control over the design, but with none of the stress.

One of the biggest design decisions you get to make with a custom wardrobe is picking your wardrobe doors, and there are a few options to choose from.

In this post we’ll take a look at what your door options are as well as the pros and cons of each type, so you’ll have all the facts to make the absolute best choice for your wardrobe.

Your first choice: sliding or hinged doors

Sliding doors are the most popular choice for built in wardrobes. They look great on wardrobes of any size, and can be made in any style including with full-length mirrors; but the one of the main reasons people choose sliding door wardrobes is because of space.

Wardrobe doors that slide along a track don’t need any space in front of the wardrobe to open. That makes sliding doors a great choice for small rooms, narrow spaces like hallways and especially bedrooms, where a wardrobe can be installed next to a bed and opened without doors getting in the way.

But there are many great reasons to choose hinged doors for your wardrobe as well, especially if you’ve got more space to work with.

Hinged doors give you the best access to your wardrobe, and are an amazingly flexible option. Not only are they great for large spaces, they can even be used in the smallest nooks where you don’t have the width for sliding doors.

Hinged door wardrobes also have the advantage of being able to be installed around internal corners and under sloping ceilings, so they’re great for multi-level homes.

Laminated Wardrobe Doors

Laminated wardrobes are a great way to add clever storage to spaces like children’s bedrooms, living rooms, play areas and even your garage. The two biggest advantages of choosing laminate for your wardrobe are:

Durable and low maintenance: Laminate is hard-wearing and easy to clean, so it’s perfect for busy family areas.

Economical: It’s also the most cost-effective option for a pre-finished wardrobe door in a range of styles you can choose to suit your home.

While laminates come in a great selection of designer colours and styles to choose from, laminate doesn’t quite give you the really vast range of custom choices that other wardrobe options like painted doors can offer.

Painted & Routed Wardrobe Doors

Painting and routering gives wardrobe doors a silky smooth premium-quality finish. This attractive and high-end robe door option has a number of advantages including:

Your choice of style: Especially for homeowners who want to preserve the style of their home, your wardrobe doors can be routed to styles like Colonial, Victorian or Manor. We can also router doors in a range of contemporary styles.

Professional colour matching: Our wardrobe doors can be painted in any colour you want, including matching to any existing wall or feature colour in your home.

Because painted and routed doors are a high quality and highly customisable option, they might not be the first choice for more budget-conscious renovators who may be more interested in laminate wardrobe doors.

Mirror or Glass Wardrobe Doors

Mirrored wardrobe doors are much more than just a great way to incorporate full-length mirrors into your bedroom. A high-quality mirrored wardrobe door has many benefits including:

Amazing quality: UZIT uses pure silver mirrors, meaning the reflection is true-colour and your mirror will never tarnish.

Enhances your space: Mirrored wardrobe doors transform your robe into a mirrored wall, visually doubling the size of your room and reflecting the existing decor. They also make the most of the light your room gets.

UZIT’s wardrobe mirrors are extremely safe. Made with laminated safety mirrors that are fully enclosed on all four sides, the only thing you have to worry about is cleaning off the occasional fingerprint.

Prestige Timber Veneer Wardrobes Doors

UZIT offers a Prestige system of wardrobes that are one of the best joinery wardrobes available.

The ultimate luxe wardrobe doors are available in fully painted MDF or a natural polished timber veneer.

A Prestige timber wardrobe is a perfect choice for:

Timeless style: Timber wardrobe doors create a classic statement that looks great in a modern, older or heritage home.

Durability: The best quality joinery construction using a beautiful hard timber ensures a wardrobe that can more than handle the test of time.

UZIT offers Prestige System wardrobes in a wide range of timbers and stains, and we can even match to an existing paint or stain, but it’s important to keep in mind that when you choose a prominent timber feature, it can be hard to add other wood furniture to a room if they don’t complement the existing wardrobe.

If you want wooden furniture like a table, sideboard or dresser to be the star feature of your room, a different material for your wardrobe may be a safer bet.


Hopefully, this post gives you a better idea of your options and when it comes time to choose a wardrobe door you’ll find the decision to be an easier – and fun – part of an exciting design process.

When you design a custom built-in wardrobe with UZIT, you can count on the expert and friendly guidance of our professional designers, beginning with your free in-home measure and quote.