Make your kitchen space a true reflection of you by creating a custom designed kitchen with UZIT.

Create the perfect kitchen for your family by partnering with our expert team of designers.

Our team works with you throughout the entire design process to fully understand your preferences, budget, taste and ideas, so you end up with a custom made kitchen that you are truly proud of.

Every space is different. To make the best use of the space you have our custom design process begins with an in-home free measure and quote.

This allows us to fully understand the space we are working with and tailor a kitchen design to suit your specific needs.

The Design Process

Once the initial vision has been formed our designers will explore different layout opportunities to make the best use of the space you have.

The design team will work with you to bring your personally custom designed kitchen to life, making use of the latest computer design technology.

Using state of the art computer modelling we place you right in the centre of your kitchen design concept. Visualise your custom kitchen in 3D to understand how your space will look after installation.

All elements of the design are fully customisable throughout the visualisation process. Make changes to your kitchen layout and freely move elements to create a completely new look or concept.

Whether you are going for a sleek contemporary look or something a little more traditional, UZIT gives you complete control to customise materials, colours and finishes to create the perfect aesthetic to match your home.

This process means you have complete control over every last detail. Have the freedom to make refinements and design changes as you see fit to create the perfect final product.

A fixed price and installation details are provided once your final design has been approved and you’re ready for us to start production.

At the end of our partnership, you’ll be left with a stunning personal space expertly designed and constructed using the finest local materials.

A UZIT custom made kitchen begins with an in-home free measure and quote. Contact us today about designing your custom kitchen, or learn more about the UZIT process.